Growing up in Sunnyvale, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley, JB went through the normal trials and tribulations of his teenaged years, and then some. Raised by his grandmother, the woman he calls his "greatest inspiration," he was encouraged to follow his dreams, wherever they might lead him.

Despite this encouragement he managed to partake in his share of troublesome activities. Stealing, tagging, and dabbling in illegal substances, JB was into general mischief-making. By the age of 11, he began to write lyrics, realizing that music was a productive way to express himself and let others hear the pain and struggles he had already encountered. The fast-paced life coupled with a rebellious adolescent attitude, but still the lessons were not internalized. Several years of experimentation, travel, more flirting with trouble, and eventually true self-discovery led him to freestyle rapping, which began to perfect JB's musical talents. 

After returning to the Bay Area, he decided to get serious and dedicated his efforts to writing, compiling an impressive collection of songs, hooks, and poems. His first significant creative project was the album "The One Luv Compilation" jointly produced with close friend Chris Ortiz (AKA Merk), which featured many of his friends at the time.

After completing this album they formed The Curbside Committee, whose album "Curbside Committed" led to performances and the discovery that his life's mission was to be an artist and performer. Following this epiphany, JB put out his solo album, "Introduction to Bizne$$", under the Mac Savage Entertainment label, formed with his longtime friend Black Rich$. 

Today, he still pursues the dream first inspired and encouraged by his grandmother, and her faith in his ability to make music, and to become a music legend.