ReaLife (formally Skrilla) can be easily described as one of the "hardest working hip hop artists to emerge from the Northwest". From the beginning of his career as a "hype man" for another artist; he has become one of the premier acts within the hip hop scene. 

ReaLife has quickly gained the attention of fans and media from as close as his hometown of Tacoma, WA to internationally from Africa to Germany. This includes several articles in local publications (Emeralds Magazine, The Weekly Volcano) and internet sites ( Internet radio stations have also featured ReaLife’s music. 

ReaLife strives to bring a "real" presence to the music industry and hip-hop community with honest, "thought provoking" lyrics delivered dynamically on stage and in the studio. 

His performances combined with his professional attitude and motivation to succeed in every aspect of the industry makes his way to the top almost unstoppable. With his local and nationally growing fan base & rising popularity; ReaLife is on the path to solidifying his position in the hip hop community and becoming a powerhouse in the music industry.