WORDZ The Poet Emcee

WORDZ The Poet Emcee is more than your typical rapper from Philly. Often referred to as "a breath of fresh air", WORDZ is a gifted lyricist, poet and song writer, delivering authentic HipHop Soul.

Under the mentorship of an underground North Philly rap group named, Beautiful Black Children aka BBC, WORDZ began his professional recording career in the mid 90s at the age of 15. His first album, 'Mental Replays', was released in 2003, where he gained popularity by selling his music on street corners in downtown Philly.
WORDZ is featured in numerous showcases and concerts throughout the US. This year, he released his much anticipated 8th album, 'Renaissance Man', and continues to provide listeners with music that is artistically pure and organic.
Today, the talented artist is dedicated to putting the art back into HipHop, with dreams of touring internationally. WORDZ continues to Iive his life spreading a message of peace, love and HipHop 'by any means necessary'.